River Cruise V Rail Trip – Which Is The Best Option?

In the 21st century there are many ways someone can travel and sample the delights which the world has to offer. However, two of the more popular options to surface from the long list of travel methods are river cruises and trains. Trains are popular for their speed and the nostalgia that is often invoked when travelling. However, the reasons for choosing river cruises

seem to outweigh those for getting the train. Here are a few reasons why:

Godavari river cruise

The View

Both trains and boats come with a view, so why is this important? Well, on a train, can you sit on the top deck and get an unhindered view of the local landscape whilst taking in the weather of the day? Can you sit outside with friends feeling a cool breeze on a nice summer’s day with a selection of speciality drinks? The answer to these questions is no, you can’t.

With Viking

river cruises you can not only sit on the top deck indulging in the open-air delights of the day, you also have access to a wide range of drinks and food that will perfectly complement the rolling, awe-inspiring scenery.


Trains are limited in terms of your ability to move around on them, there simply isn’t as much space for the accommodation of activities and there is also less leg-room. Other benefits are that the greater space of a river boat means it is possible to have on-board entertainment, live performances that break up the journey or take your mind off a day where the weather is particularly bad, for example.

With Viking cruises, the availability of space has not been squandered, with activities such as wine and food-tasting and much more on offer, there’s simply more to do on a river cruise. Not to mention, not being stuck in a horrible and potentially stuffy cabin, struggling to escape the unconditioned air with everyone’s luggage overflowing into your seating area. I’m sure we have all experienced a train journey like that at least once in our lives.

A Personal Experience

Trains don’t offer the type of personal experience that river cruises do. With Viking river cruises there are knowledgeable hosts on-hand to guide you with detailed information of the local history so you can get a personal lesson on the local culture, customs and landscape. This will surely leave you taking away more from your trip.


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