Romantic, Individual & Trendy: Design Hotels in Berlin

Romantic, Individual & Trendy: Design Hotels in Berlin

In terms of culture, night life and gastronomy Berlin has become one of the most exciting cities in the world. It comes as no surprise that the German capital offers an amazing variety of stylish design and boutique hotels, giving your stay in the “Big B” a very cool and romantic touch.

Travel in style! A stay in Berlin’s top design hotels …

… should definitely be part of your trip to this bustling city! So plan accordingly, if you want to give your stay a unique and romantic touch. Thus, cheap hotels or a bunk-bed in a six-person dorm of a hostel are out of question. The unique design or boutique hotels in Berlin offer a great alternative. These hotels come in various quality and price ranges. So you don’t have to spend your entire holiday budget just to enjoy one night in a fancy boutique hotel with your fiancé. The website “Berlin Boutique Hotels

” offers a fantastic choice of really cool hotels in Berlin. Let’s take a look at three of the trendiest design hotels in Berlin.

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One top model, one date and 25 hours to make it all happen!

Even if one of the most stylish and renowned design hotels of the city goes by the name of “25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin”, a day in this amazing place still has only 24 hours. Nevertheless, this unique hotel is a great place to enjoy a romantic and sensual date in Berlin

. By the way: If you are a gentleman traveling alone and feel like enjoying some quality time with a top escort, Berlin is home to one of the most exclusive escort agencies in Europe. The listed “Bikinhaus” near the Berlin zoo has been transformed into an unforgettable hotel experience by the founders of the small and very creative hotel chain “25Hours Hotels”. For instance, it is up to each member of the hotel staff to approach their guests in a more formal or familiar manner, which creates a very pleasant atmosphere. The interior plays with the controversy between nature und urbanism and reflects the city flair in a very cool way.


“Dudeism” in the Big B – a hotel for real dudes and dudettes

The dude! The first thing which comes to mind is the laid back character of the legendary movie “The Big Lebowski”. The second thing is White Russian, and third is probably bowling! But in reference to this stunningly beautiful design hotel it rather refers to the natural easiness with which you will be welcomed here. “The Dude Hotel” only has 30 rooms. Each one will enchant you with an individual charm, design and flair. Don’t expect huge tourist groups, indiscreet hobby photographers or conference rooms. Everything in “The Dude” is an homage to a relaxed, discreet and gratifying life style.

The maxim of the Mandala Hotel: Harmonic Experiences


Here, individual charm, modern comfort and luxury flair merge into one unforgettable and truly harmonious hotel experience. The Mandala Hotel

is definitely one of the most up-scale 5* design hotels in Berlin. This hotel pampers its guests with an amazing service, a very stylish ambience and plenty of luxurious in-house amenities.

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