Salsa with Drag Queens

After another massive game of Kings about 5 of us guys were out at the bar and were supposed to meet up with a group of American study abroad girls from the hostel. When they finally showed up we were in the street and all of a sudden a big white pickup truck with a few guys on the back playing music in stopped and invited us for a ride. We all jumped in and were driving and singing for about 20 minutes. People were playing instruments that they had never heard and we were singing songs in Spanish that we didn’t know while driving over potholes until we stopped at big gymnasium in another town.

Inside the gym about 400 people gathered for the town’s post-carnaval celebration. Our driver motioned for us to follow him as he rushed us to the back of the stage. He pushed a few of us out onto the stage and pointed at four girls standing alone on the stage while the guy on the loudspeaker spoke excitingly about something.

I was the first one pushed up on stage so I walked over to the girls and quickly realized they were not actually girls, but really drag queens.  The man on the loudspeaker was replaced with salsa music which meant each of us danced with a drag queen on stage in from of everyone. This is when I wished I had taken those salsa lessons and two men dancing together are even tougher. So I did what I do when struggling and spun him/her around with a big smirk on my face and an entire crowd laughing hysterically at, but not with us.

Second place. My drag queen came in just second place. So close.  What a pity. The first place winner was crowned and right at that moment one of the guys who was dancing with him/her spontaneously climbed on stage and posed for photos.

They had enough of us at this point and a few minutes later our host herded our group back into his truck and dropped us off back in town.

Jason Bartoli

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