Sell Your Stuff Online When You Travel Purge

One of the unfortunate things about being locationless and moving around all the time is that I’m constantly forced to get rid of stuff. It’s a minor qualm, for sure, but it’s still annoying. When you don’t have a house to keep everything in, you are always making decisions about purchases, and even stuff given to you for free, through the lens of “where will I put it and what will I do with it when I move again?” What happens is every time I move I have to do the old travel purge. I love actually buying CD’s and DVD’s but I always end up just giving them away, or donating them, and that’s when I’m not in a hurry to be somewhere else and actually remember ahead of time to pass them along.  Thankfully, I just started using a new service,

that gives me the option to sell my stuff quickly and easily, instead of either throwing or giving them away, or going through the whole charade of auctioning them off online.


The site is very simple. You just enter the digits from barcode of the CD, DVD, or video game you are looking to sell. Then magpie spits out a price. Then you simply send what you want to sell to them for free. That’s right, they pay the shipping. You just print out the shipping label, drop your goods by the mailbox, and get paid. Even I can do that in the twenty minutes before I have to go catch a plane.  Thank you internet, for one more thing that makes it easier to buy stuff, and then turn around and sell it, a process you simply must embrace if you want to live locationless.

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Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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