Sightseeing Boat Tour: How to Organize a Boat Party in Melbourne

Sightseeing Boat Tour: How to Organize a Boat Party in Melbourne

The city of Melbourne is one of the most popular places to visit in Australia. Tourists in Australia and locals both enjoy Melbourne for the perfect blend of big city and beach vibes. This city offers a host of activities such as hiking, riding bikes, surfing, sightseeing, attending concerts and festivals

and even chartering a party boat. Melbourne is the perfect city to organize a boat party for any occasion including private parties or business getaways. With so many companies offering boat rental in Melbourne, there are several options from which to choose. For those wanting to organize a party, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

1. Choose the party size.

One of the most important details to know when planning a party is the amount of people in attendance. Without having this number, there is no feasible way to prepare a party without risking a lack of supplies or accommodation. The same issue exists when trying to find a party boat in Melbourne. The size of the party will determine how big of a boat needs to be rented. This will also impact the overall cost of the rental and other party supplies such as food and drinks. As the party planner, it is important to receive an RSVP from all who intend to join.

Sightseeing Boat Tour: How to Organize a Boat Party in Melbourne

2. Selecting a charter service.

Those searching for a party boat hire in Melbourne for the first time can be overwhelmed by the process. There are hundreds of companies both large and small offering chartering services along the coast of Melbourne. Instead of randomly selecting a charter service, it is important to find one that meets the needs of your party. Some factors to consider when choosing a charter service include the available boat options, costs, length of rental, reputation and more. All of these factors can help narrow down the selection to find a service that perfectly fits a party’s specific needs.

3. Public vs. private charter.

A boat party in Melbourne can be organized through a public or private charter service. Understanding the pros and cons of each option can help make the decision much easier. Public charters will be rentals shared with other groups of people. These will be much more affordable than private charters, but the cost is having to share the space with strangers. A private charter will be a larger investment, but the party will have the entire party boat to use.

Sightseeing Boat Tour: How to Organize a Boat Party in Melbourne

4. Don’t forget the snacks.

Depending on the prices, some party boats and

charter boats in Melbourne

offer something light

for you and your folks on board, but some aren’t going to include any food and drinks with the rental. As a party organizers, you will have to bring your own snacks on the boat. It is important to ask around to learn what rules each charter service has when it comes to food and drinks. Some companies prefer to keep their boats pristinely clean and may not allow any snacks. Call around or read different websites to find a charter service that can accommodate the food and drinks for the party.

5. Cruise direction options.

Choosing a cruise direction is one of the important steps when planning a boat party in Melbourne. There are many different routes available for those using a charter service. One option might take passengers up through the ports and docklands through the river in the city. Another option might drive up river and provide beautiful views of the lush, river gardens. Or, you can choose to combine different routes into a two-hour long cruise that goes up and down the river. Available spots on each cruise route can change depending on the time of year and size of parties. It is important to call ahead to learn about available space on each route.

Earning a nickname as one of the “Most Liveable Cities in the World”

, Melbourne is an excellent travel destination. One of the most popular activities in the city is hiring a party boat. These five tips will help you start planning the best charter boat party.

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