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Sippin Yerba Mate in Buenos Aires

I am one major step closer to taking off a semester here in Pittsburgh to study in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today another professor agreed to write an academic reference to my application for the Universidad de Belgrano!

This had been a major source of stress the past month because I really have not developed any close enough relationships with any professors that I felt comfortable to ask for a recommendation letter. But a few days ago I said what the hell, and sent an email to my Spanish professor from 2 years ago who I have spoken to once or twice since taking her class. Even if she does not know me well, it should be every Spanish teacher’s dream to have their students study abroad in a Spanish speaking country. Thankfully I am right…and there goes my stress.

What I have
-finished study abroad essay
-obtained 2 academic reference letters
-obtained official university transcript
-Completed my resume in English and Spanish

What else i need

Once she writes my reference letter I should hear back from the University within a week of them receiving my application. Since there is not any reason why I should not get in, in just a few months i’ll be sipping Yerba Mate out a bombilla in a beautiful little cafe in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Oh, and hopefully with a cute Argentine girl!

Sippin Yerba Mate in Buenos Aires

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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