Ski Shots To Hold You Over Until the Powder Arrives


As the days get colder and the sun gets more and more shy, it’s time to remember that ski season is almost upon us. For all of you counting down the days till you can dig your skis through some fresh powder, here’s a little something to hold you over. Inghams

, a UK-based ski holiday company, ran a contest last year to get the best amateur ski photos on their Facebook page, and they gave out a few great prizes in the process. There’s a dozen or so great pictures that are up on the page, but here are the top four.

northern lights

This beautiful shot of the Northern Lights was caught in  Ylläsjärvi, Finland. Imagine skiing with that overhead? Probably just as well I haven’t skied there. I would probably get mesmerized looking at the sky and crash into a tree.


This shot came finished third in the competition. Not sure where it is, but in the words of Liz Lemon, “I want to go to there.”


This shot earned second place. It’s amazing in that it shows the curve of the earth, and it looks like the trees are all leaning backwards, like they are afraid to see what this skier is going to do next. It’s like the trees are all scared onlookers and the skier is somebody overlooking them from the ledge of a building, toying with the idea of jumping.


This photo won the competition on the back of that fiery red sunset lighting up those snow-caked trees, which look like a group of lumbering yetis. There’s also the very cool promise in the picture, which is that the mountain, and the ride for the snowboarder in the foreground, lies toward that sunset and out of the shot. It creates an aura of mystery and adventure.  It gives new meaning to the phrase “riding into the sunset.”

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