Some of the Exciting Things You Could Be Doing in Australia

Some of the Exciting Things You Could Be Doing in Australia

The world seems to be becoming a smaller place, and this means that we now have more options than ever before for going away and exploring distant lands. This has opened up for many people the chance to explore Australia

. So what are they likely to find there?
Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Explore the Cities

Australia has some of the cities which are regularly voted among the most liveable places on the planet. If you want a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere with some world famous sights then Sydney is sure to attract you. Most visitors pass through here at some point and few of them go away disappointed. Melbourne has more of a laid back feel to it and is famous for its unbeatable arts and music scene. If we add in the likes of Brisbane and Perth it is clear that you could spend a lot of time in Australia without leaving the big cities.

Hit the Beach

You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to heading down to the sands. There is a huge mixture of both city beaches and more remote ones. The travellers who come here all tend to go away with their own favourites so it is worth trying a few of them and seeing which ones most appeal to you.

Try the Food

Not so long ago the typical Australian cuisine wasn’t exactly famous for its quality or innovative nature. However, times have changed and the arrival of the wonderful Pacific Rim fusion cuisine has breathed new life into the Australian restaurant scene. The country now boasts restaurants which wouldn’t look out of place in some of the countries which are traditionally regarded as culinary hot spots.

Get Sporty

Sport is a national pastime for Australians and if you want to either watch or take part then this is a great country in which to do it. There is a wide variety of different sports played here, from soccer to volleyball and from cricket to rugby, with lots more in between.

See the Natural Wonders

Australia is also blessed with some of the most amazing natural scenery on the planet. The Great Barrier Reef is an awesome sight and Ayers Rock (Uluru) never ceases to amaze visitors looking for something extra special. If we add in the other natural wonders here then it is clear that Australia has plenty to offer in this respect too.

Great Barrier Reef, Eddy Reef off Mission Beach


If you want to learn English Sydney

is one of the best cities in which to do it. For a different sort of experience when you learn English, Cairns

is well worth looking at.

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