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Most advertisements for cruises emphasize a combination of two things. The first is that on this cruise you will be totally pampered and you won’t have to do anything. You can lay by the pool and people will bring you drinks while you have mud on your face and cucumbers on your eyes. The other is that you can do the opposite, and have tons of adventure at ports of call and you can jump into big pools, and gamble, and maybe even shoot skeet off the bow. Then sometimes, they like to show both, that it’s up to you whether you want to be super active or relax. The choice is yours.
But very rarely do cruise companies seem to understand that cruises are often a celebration of a life event for the people who go on them. Some people are marking the end of one thing (work, single life) and preparing for the next (retirement, marriage) and what better way to commemorate a transition than hopping on a boat and sailing to somewhere new. That’s what I like about this ad from Princess Cruises. They are advertising the cruise experience within the context of actual life. So many cruise ads do the opposite, and want you to see the cruise as a complete break from your life, as if you can ever just leave your life behind because you boarded a boat. This ad encourages you to bring your life on the cruise with you and celebrate it. That’s why I like this ad.

And also the guy dancing at the end. It’s like a mutant macarena. I love it.

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