Sponsored Video: What Can You Do For A Hotel With 1 Billion Dollars?

Holiday Inn has just spent $1 Billion relaunching their hotels. That’s a lot of money, so you know they must be working pretty hard to bring us the best possible service, atmosphere, and in this case, commercials.

Check out this video posted by Holiday Inn.


These super-clever advertisements feature a lovely blonde singer/guitarist who takes real reviews as written by Holiday Inn Customers and transforms them into little songs, usually interrupting the person she’s talking with.

The woman and a guest, who honestly appears to have no idea what to do, other than just sit there trying to figure out if the commercial is supposed to be comical or not, spend time checking out Holiday Inn’s impressive new stuff: renovated rooms with fantastic furniture, amazingly comprehensive gyms, and of course, all of the Holiday Inn amenities that we have already come to love.

The only thing that actually manages to outshine the amazing content of this commercial is the amazingly talented and numerous actress they got to star in it. I don’t often find commercials like these funny, but the actress in this video appears sweet, talented, and legitimately funny, which is rare.

Trust me, you should check out this video too, because I can hardly wait till they release the next one. Holiday Inn’s YouTube channel promises there will be more to be released in the near future, and I can’t imagine a better advertising campaign for them to show off their impressive renovations, while at the same time making me laugh uncontrollably.
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