How to Strategically Pack for Trips Over a Month

Packing for a holiday is always difficult. There are so many things we feel we can’t live without, so we cram them into our suitcases only to find that they won’t close on the way back. This can be especially problematic when going away for large amounts of time. If you’re planning a trip for a month or more, be sure to read these tips for packing your luggage strategically.

My seventeen year old self walking around a Bolivian jungle town with my hilariously bigger than life backpack

My seventeen year old self walking around a Bolivian jungle town with my hilariously bigger than life backpack

Research Your Destination:

Before you begin to pack for your trip, it’s a good idea to do some research into your destination. Find out what the temperature will be, and whether there’s a chance of rain during hot weather. By doing this, you can pack the most appropriate clothing for your trip, without overloading yourself with coats and jackets you may not need.

Pack Multipurpose Outfits:

Clothing is one of the hardest things to pack when planning a trip. Most of us over pack, making sure that we have several different outfits for every occasion. By finding clothes that can be worn for different occasions (casual, yet classy), you can significantly reduce the amount you need to include. Don’t pack a dress that only goes with one of your jackets, because then you’ll need to pack that too. Make sure that all of your clothes match each other, so you can mix them up and create a number of different outfits from what you’ve got.

Leave what can be Bought:

Before cramming your bag full of toiletries and other items, check the prices of these things at your destination. See if it’s worth taking your hairspray and toothpaste, or if you can buy them for a reasonable price when you arrive. There’s no point weighing yourself down with excess luggage when you don’t need to. Take a small bag of toiletries in your handbag, and buy the rest when you arrive.

Roll up your Clothes:

Before you leave, experiment with the different ways of packing your clothes. A lot of the time, folding them up neatly and packing them on top of each other is not the most space efficient way to pack. Try rolling up your clothes and squeezing them in side by side. By doing this, you may save yourself a lot of space for other luggage.

If in Doubt, Leave it Behind:

If you’re in doubt as to whether you need to pack something or not, leave it behind. The chances are you can purchase most things at your destination if need be. Unless it’s absolutely essential, leave it behind, and save more room in your suitcase.

Packing for long trips can be stressful, but with these tips you’re sure to find it much easier and more efficient. Be sure to do your research, and leave behind anything that isn’t completely necessary for your trip. For more information about preparing for your departure, visit


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