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Summer In The City: Visit England’s Capital In Style

When traveling in Europe

, there is one place you must not neglect. The first time that you visit the UK, you will want to hit up the key tourist points. Let’s start with London as it is the capital of England, and an incredible city that comes to life in the summer. As you may have heard, the weather in Britain can be dismal. During a few months in the summer, though, the country can get some glorious sunshine. If you plan your trip well, you could end up enjoying some hot summer’s sun in one of the most enthralling cities in the world.

Hotels and apartments

As you can imagine, staying right in the center of the city can be expensive, to say the least. If, like most tourists, your finances can’t stretch to a fancy hotel, why not look at other options? If there are a few of your traveling together, you could hire an apartment. Sites such as HouseTrip.com

offer short-term and vacation lets on apartments in the London area. Splitting the cost of accommodation will save you loads of money on your trip, and you will get to feel like a real Londoner for a bit.

Transport around the city

There is an excellent underground system in London, which stretches out to the outskirts of the city. You should buy an Oyster card the moment you get to the city so that you can get around the area. You can put money on the card at any underground station, and trips should not cost you more than £10 per day. All you need to do is swipe your card at a station and get on the underground train. The map is easy to understand, and so this way is the best way to travel.

Live shows in Regent’s Park

In the summer, there are live shows in Regent’s Park that you should attend. London is famous for its outdoor events during the summertime so you ought to take advantage of them before it is too late. The New Shakespeare Company hold an open air theater in the park each year, and so you can see some classic plays while you sit outside. You can buy tickets online in advance or get some from the box office in Leicester Square when you are in London.

Wireless music festival

There are loads of cool music festivals in the city during the summer. Festival season starts in May and goes right through until September. One of the most popular music festivals in the region has to be Wireless

. Each year, the event attracts thousands of people from around the world to see some of the best new music. Wireless takes place in Finsbury Park, the first weekend in July. This year it has an incredible line-up, boasting stars such as Nicki Minaj and Drake.

The hot tub cinema

If festivals aren’t your thing, and you’re more of a film buff, you have to book tickets for the hot tub cinema in London. For around £30, you can book yourself a place in a hot tub to watch one of your favorite movies. The cinematic events show everything from Pretty Woman to Mean Girls

and offer a truly unique experience.

If you have never before dreamed of going to London, Summer 2015 might be the right time to go. The city is at its liveliest during the hot season, and so you can get the best out of it if you go then. Make a note of my advice here and use it when you plan your trip. That way, you can see London in style.

Tower Bridge & The Shard (Day) - Two Towers Iconic London


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