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Surfing the Waves at St. Ives

Recently I had traveled to St. Ives, Cornwall. I had never been there before, but because I have listened to my travel companions rave about how beautiful it is, I decided it was finally time to make the trip. I’ll be able to join in on their discussion next time for sure, because let me tell you: it was, in fact, B-E-A-UTIFUL.

St Ives Harbour(3)

A big goal of my trip was to learn (or at least to start learning) how to surf. That has always been something I wanted to learn how to do, ever since I used to watch my Uncle surfing during our family vacations. Thankfully, I got my chance. I’ll tell you right now that it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to do, but it was completely worth it.

After I found out that the beach was less than a three minute walk away from my St Ives Accommodation

, I decided taking a long stroll along the water’s edge would be the perfect way to start my vacation. Never in my life have I seen waters such a beautiful shade of turquoise. The sun was shining and the sand was glistening beneath my feet as I strolled along the shores of the Cabris Bay, now more excited than ever for the rest of my trip.

I decided to jump right into my dream of being a surf legend, and took advantage of lessons being given 15 minutes away at Gwithian Beach. Now, I want you for a moment to imagine someone trying to regain their balance atop a piece of driftwood. That is, in fact, exactly how I looked while surfing. It wasn’t the beginnings of a surf legend, but I felt accomplished enough in that I was at least able to attempt this long-time dream of mine. My trip was a success.

Surfing the Surf

If you’ve never been, I highly recommend checking out St. Ives. It’s one of the most awe-inspiring places you’ll ever visit, the perfect place to take a vacation, and maybe ever the perfect place to start living out your dreams. I did, why not you?


Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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