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The Awe-Inspiring Natural Attractions of Arizona

Arizona is an amazing travel destination for anyone who loves the Great Outdoors. It is known for its stunning desert geography, delightful rock formations, and of course, the unparalleled wonder of the Grand Canyon. Let me share with you some of the awesome sights you should check out on a trip to Arizona.

The Grand Canyon

is at the top of the list. I’m sure you’ve seen many beautiful photos of the Grand Canyon, but the pictures only hint at the splendor of the experience. Even if you do nothing more than enjoy the vista from the top of the rim, your trip there will be worthwhile. But I strongly encourage you to take a few days to explore this natural wonder.

You can hike from the rim to the canyon floor. If you are not that athletic, you can do the same thing riding a mule

. If you have less than a day to check out the Grand Canyon, you might want to consider doing a helicopter tour. It only takes you partway into the canyon, but for a one-hour tour, it’s not bad.

Antelope Canyon is a different type of canyon, narrow and cavernlike. It is a highly photogenic sight. The most famous sections, which you’ve seen in many photographs, are The Crack and The Corkscrew. Close to Antelope Canyon is Lake Powell, a man-made lake of exceptional beauty.

Antelope canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is said to be the second most popular tourist destination in Arizona. (The Grand Canyon would, of course, be the first.) Oak Creek Canyon encompasses a rich wilderness zone with attractive cliffs and sandstone formations. The forest features a number of campgrounds and picnic areas.

Other similar sites include Marble Canyon and the Vermilion Cliffs.

Along the border between Arizona and Utah lies Monument Valley

, a sprawling desert area characterized by numerous towering sandstone buttes. The views here are gorgeous, making Monument Valley a must-see destination for the true outdoorsman. You could say the same thing about many of Arizona’s lovely natural attractions.

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