The Best Destinations To Dream Of After A Global Pandemic

The Best Destinations To Dream Of After A Global Pandemic

With the arrival of the pandemic-causing COVID-19, quarantine and self-isolation were also introduced in many areas to prevent infection. That is why, locked up and feeling uncertain for so long, it is very easy to think about everything that cannot be done, especially travelling. The simple idea of imagining going out, being able to visit other cities, museums, impressive landscapes, in the open air…

Alone or with a partner, everyone lives days in which they dream of being able to visit places that mix populous areas with nature of unique beauty. Where you can take long walks and marvel at every step. Below are the idyllic places to imagine visiting during these days. Those that bring peace, serenity and with which to marvel.

United Kingdom

A country known for its grey clime, homeland to the archetype of gentlemen, red cabins, tea time and many other things. A territory full of big cities and charming villages surrounded by a green and humid landscape. Home and origin of great real and fictitious characters such as Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood.

A must see is its capital where you can experience its buses, red cabins, fish and chips dishes or the Big Ben for a trip in good company, among other things. Another very touristy city is Cambridge, famous for its medieval appearance and its university area which carries out studies with repercussions and known all over the world. Although other cities with a lot of charm like Brighton, Oxford or Nottingham are also very well known. Without forgetting one of the most mysterious places on the planet, Stonehenge.


A land where great stories like the “Thousand and One Nights” may have originated, where a beautiful woman, called Sherezade told stories to the king every night. Where you can also find one of the oldest cities in the world: Varanasi. Another country of contrasts of pure nature and with a great influence of religions that can be seen in its many temples and architecture.

A must see is its capital Delhi with many places to see that reveal the evolution of the city in its great extent. The Indian Gate, the Lotus Temple, Humayun’s Tomb are just a few examples. Another great city that no traveler should miss is Mumbai. Known for its modernity and being one of the most developed in the territory with a great nightlife that you can enjoy with one of the call girls from Mumbai. Although if you are looking for the latter you can also visit Bangalore. Another city where the high technology of the country is centered and where you can see large parks and gardens. It is known as the city garden for a reason. Finally, you can not talk about places to see in India without mentioning the famous Taj Mahal in Agra, one of the 7 wonders of the world.


Large touristic cities, spectacular beaches mixed with impressive landscapes thanks to their great natural biodiversity. Famous also for its inhabitants, their open minds and sensuality. You must visit it in good company like the escorts in Brazil to live the full experience of samba, joy and color.

The Best Destinations To Dream Of After A Global Pandemic

A must see is its capital, Rio de Janeiro. The Christ the Redeemer, Ipanema’s neighborhood and beach, inspired by the bossa nova Garota of Ipanema, or the Copacabana beach are just some of the places to visit. The beaches of Florianópolis are also well known so if Rio sounds like too much it is also a good option. And if lost of impressive nature shown is what you look for the Iguazu Falls in Paraná are the answer. Although you also have options if you are looking for something more city oriented, Sao Paulo is the best option.


A country where there is everything from deserts like the Tatacoa Desert in Huila, to natural parks, lost cities and large accumulations of water, including the Amazon River. In addition to the historical remains of ancient populations that populated those lands. And what better than to do it with someone who knows the most beautiful corners with whom you can fully enjoy.

Natural paradises such as Punta Gallinas in La Guajira, an impressive coast formed by dunes and bathed by the Caribbean Sea. But if you are looking for crystal clear waters, it is advisable to visit the archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina. However, what is certainly necessary to visit when traveling to this country is the coffee axis.


Known above all for its sun and beach tourism. A territory that enjoys high temperatures most of the year and whose geography and history is very diverse. With open inhabitants who enjoy the street culture, and enjoy the small and big pleasures.

The most visited places by tourists are the two biggest cities, Madrid and Barcelona with many places to visit each. But if you want to witness historical remains other great options are Tarragona and Granada (with the famous Alhambra which almost became one of the wonders of the world).

The most visited beaches of the territory are undoubtedly those of the islands (Canary and Balearic), being famous La Palma and Ibiza (party tourism and nightlife above all), but also others like those of Galicia (Rias Baixas), Cadiz, Asturias and Valencia.

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