The Best of LA and Southern California

Holidays in California

present a wealth of opportunities, from world class shopping on Rodeo Drive to hiking the desert of Death Valley. The southern part of the state is perfect for anyone who wants to experience a bit of pampering, entertainment and style on their trip. In this case, nowhere does it better than the sparkling city of Los Angeles.

You’ve probably heard a lot of things said about the LA locals: beautiful, well dressed, immaculate. Whist most of the population are just like the normal folk you would expect to see anywhere else, there are high concentrations of toned, tanned beauties in the high end night clubs, shopping districts and well-to-do neighbourhoods of the city. The perfectly formed LA smile glints at you around every corner, and the city has a naturally aesthetic leaning due to its association with the film and entertainment industries.

As such, keep your eye out for famous faces, and get your fix of star studded streets on a visit to Hollywood. Here you can take tours of celebrity and movie star’s homes, get your token picture of the famous sign and take the Walk of Fame which pays tribute to the entertainment industry greats. Also, check out your film knowledge with a look at the equally famous hand and footprints outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

‘Big mistake, huge.’ Julia Roberts’ famous Pretty Woman lines were spoken whilst shopping on the world renowned Rodeo Drive. Thankfully, you’ll generally find a warmer welcome when you visit this affluent distric in Los Angeles. The epicentre of luxury fashion, the area is worth a look even if you don’t want to blow your budget.

LA’s most bohemian vibe can be enjoyed down at Venice Beach where the roller bladders, skateboarders, bodybuilders and otherwise sporty types strut their stuff. Find yourself a comfortable spot and watch the colourful, quirky world go by with an ice cream.

There is plenty of brain food in the LA area too, with the Getty Centre housing an impressive collection of art and the Museum Village offering you the chance to literally walk through history. For something entirely different head to the Museum of Jurassic Technology for a look at some of man’s most weird and wonderful creations.

And of course, southern California is home to some of the world’s most famous theme parks. Even if you aren’t travelling with kids you’d be hard pressed not to have at least a little fun on a visit to Disneyland. Or, for the more traditional amongst us, enjoy the fun of the fair at Santa Monica Pier where Ferris wheel, cotton candy and coconut shies provide a marvellous day out.

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