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Widely considered to be one of the most beautiful areas in the world, Scandinavia consists of three countries: Sweden, Norway and Denmark.  All of these are individually unique, but collectively they make up one of the best regions to visit for a vacation.  Scandinavian cruises are especially popular, as are city breaks.  Christmas brings in visitors from all over the world to enjoy shopping in a real winter wonderland.  The Scandinavian region has a rich and varied history steeped in mythology, and anyone who enjoys the stories of the Viking and Norse sagas should definitely visit this unique part of the world.

 The best Scandinavian travel destinations

Scandinavia’s three capital cities – Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen – are all delightful places to visit.  Copenhagen has a fabulous Christmas market that is a great place to soak up a little culture and grab a few stocking fillers for friends and family.  Oslo is the fastest growing city in Europe and is known for its green parks and diverse architecture.  Traveling within Scandinavia is easy; driving from place to place is uncomplicated, there is a great public transport system, and flights are available to more remote destinations in the region.

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 Exploring Scandinavian attractions

A wide range of sights and attractions awaits visitors to Scandinavia, from natural landscapes to built attractions such as theme parks.  The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a natural feature that occurs in the most northerly areas of Scandinavia.  The show itself is like watching colored flames dancing across the sky, which in scientific terms is caused by light passing through particles in the atmosphere.  Other unique natural attractions include sandy beaches which dot the Scandinavian coastline, and whale watching in northern Norway between the months of May to September.

When it comes to cultural attractions, Scandinavia has a wide range of castles, palaces and beautiful parks to explore.  Architecture lovers can enjoy walking tours of the towns and cities to observe some of the most delightful old buildings in the world.  Children and others still young at heart might enjoy a visit to the LEGOLANDâ theme park, at Billund in Denmark.

 Scandinavian cruises

Cruises to Scandinavia remain immensely popular.  The Norwegian Fjords are a firm favorite with many travelers, as the majestic scenery is breathtaking.  Scandinavian cruises can be anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, and the longer versions will call into the big cities and larger coastal towns such as Gothenburg and Bergen.

Scandinavian cruises are popular because they offer so much to the traveler.  Norwegian Cruise line cruises

provide a range of itineraries, on different vessels, to suit all tastes and budgets.  There are serene land and seascapes to enjoy, shore excursions in some of the liveliest and friendliest cities in the world, and on-board activities and facilities that are unsurpassed.  The fact that it’s possible to do so much in a short space of time makes Scandinavian cruising just perfect for those on a limited budget, or those with limited time for a vacation.

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