The Best SEO Resources Available to Small Businesses

When small businesses wish to attract more customers through online marketing efforts, they will need a crash course on SEO and online marketing tactics. Even if the business intends to hire SEO consultants and experienced Internet marketers to bring the business’s brand to the web, it is also important to understand enough about Internet marketing that the business owner is able to understand whether one SEO consultant is more credible than another.

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Fortunately, there are a multitude of online resources that will help businesses learn the latest SEO techniques. Some of the most credible resources are also free.

One of the biggest names in online marketing is SEOMoz which provides SEO tactics using a how-to format. Their blog is a subpage located on their company page. Their software assists users in organizing and maintaining their SEO traffic.

Other tools offered by SEOMoz include the Open Site Explorer. This tool allows users to determine which links are the most valuable. The Keyword Difficulty tool is an invaluable tool for helping users understand which keywords they should target.

However, for many users, the blog content is much more valuable. The SEOMoz bloggers provide stories on how they achieved high SEO rankings and backlinks. SEOMoz is generally regarded as one of the most credible resources on SEO.

SEOBook is another commonly referenced blog specialized in SEO. SEOBook is run by consultants who offer direct training to anyone who wants to learn SEO and their blog is essentially a collection of freebies. In addition to providing helpful information, SEOBook also provides a variety of tools that are designed to help streamline the process.

Many of these tools are free including their keyword suggestion tool, keyword list cleaner and link suggestion tool. SEO can be time-consuming so tools that can speed up the process are welcomed by most webmasters.

SEO is only one piece of the SEM puzzle. When businesses decide that they want to spend money on PPC advertising, there are strategies that can have a significant impact on the success of the AdWords campaign. For example, organizing the AdWords account is crucial when tracking data. Fortunately, Google released a guide on managing AdWords campaigns.

Once the small business begins to obtain traffic, the job isn’t finished. Small businesses need to control how users view their websites. is the online reputation management source for many webmasters when tracking how others view their websites.

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