The Big Apple: Origins, Myths, Derek Jeter, Oh My!

The big apple, one of the great cities in North America, or any other continent in the world. Everyone knows why New York is so great whether one focuses on the culture, the historical monuments, the giant skyscrapers, or the endless supply of any ethnic food restaurant one could possibly imagine. New York is the mecca of modern cities. But the one thing people aren’t quite sure of is why is it named after a fruit? The big apple.

Who decided on an apple for New York and why? Did someone choose apple over another fruit such as a banana, or a peach? These great, and very important questions have gone unanswered until now.

While consulting the Google machine there seems to be many opinions and thoughts but no concrete answers (shocking of the internet, I know) to the question why is New York the big apple. Some say big apple came from a night club in the 30’s and 40’s, while others link it to the beginning of jazz in New York

. This answer seems unsatisfactory, even some might say boring. What if instead the big apple was linked all the way back to Adam and Eve. Wasn’t it the forbidden fruit that the two plucked from the tree and consequently, constituted them getting kicked out of paradise. Or maybe it’s is called the big apple cause apples have seeds and seeds give way to new life, and a large group of people go to New York in search of a new life, or new identity. Or maybe the first person who discovered New York (Then called New Amsterdam) got hit on the head by a over hanging apple tree that let one of its children fall. The answer is shrouded in mystery.

What isn’t a mystery is that the big apple is a great place to spend with loved ones while constantly debating the origins of the cities nickname. The big apple will welcome you either way and show one a good time during the New York holidays.

. Motor-home travel is the best way to discover New York City and the mystery surrounding the name when hotels cost a fortune. Imagine all you will pay is a small parking fee and you can see the sites while returning to a comfortable home that you know.

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