The "Car Parade" in Medellin

I don’t really like cars. I do not own one and have driven only a handful of times in the past 5 years. So when I found myself at the “Antique Car Show” in Medellin during their famous flower festival it might seem odd.

During my first visit to Medellin in August, 2007, my new Colombian friends brought me to the show so I knew what to expect. The show is hilarious!  So with my head turning pizza I walked a few blocks from my hostel (Black Sheep) in barrio patio bonito with a few new gringo friends from the usual places: Israel, U.K., etc.

We arrived early to rent a few plastic chairs for the best views of the parade when suddenly I spotted Miami Mike! That’s what this middle aged loud talking American called himself the first time we met in 2007. It was fitting that I would see him here considering how “nuts” and flamboyant he acts.

I remember the first impression he made when he compared the cute Colombian woman’s faces to little chipmunk faces. And then when the next day he took cornered me into visiting a market with him to scout all of the smuggled electronics and fake name brand jeans and watches. I learned of his troubles with his prepago (goldigger/whore) wife and the rest of his life story that included his profession as a professor in the United States and how he earns money trading stocks.  Seems the guy is still living here three years later and it was a sight to see him!

I mentioned the flamboyant car show before that tangent. Enough said.

And comical “cars”

They important nearly all of the cars from Miami by boat container and then send them right back afterward.

Even cars like these it seems.

For the kids

For the men

Some more photos to enjoy

Guess which film?

and finally stereotypical Colombia

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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