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The Most Precious Moments in Life: 7 Unique Ideas On How To Spend Your Next Holiday Trip

New experiences and the memories they create are more valuable than anything that can be purchased at a store. Holiday trips to new and exciting places not only create memories, but they also strengthen bonds between traveling companions. To get the most out of a holiday trip, consider locations and events that are out of the ordinary, and check out the following unique ideas.

  1. Take A Wine Tour

A wine tour can be a great way to enjoy the pleasures of food, wine, and beautiful scenery. A typical wine tour takes visitors from one winery to another within a wine-growing region, and visitors can learn about and sample different wines at each stop. Some wine tours include food pairings as well. If you’re traveling through Missouri, you can find an event here.

  1. Visit A Spa Resort

Another holiday trip idea to consider is a visit to a spa. A spa vacation can be the perfect getaway for couples or for groups of friends. There are spa resorts all over the country that offer the perfect combination of vacation fun and luxurious relaxation. Spa guests can enjoy all kinds of pampering treatments, like facials, body wraps, and massage.

  1. Go Yurt Camping

A yurt is a round tent common to nomadic peoples in central Asia, and they have been used as homes for thousands of years. In recent times, they have also become popular in the west as a form of camping accommodations. Modern yurts are often associated with “glamping,” or luxury camping, when they are fully furnished with beds, sofas, tables, lamps, and all the comforts of home.

  1. Stay In An Ice Hotel

Adventuresome travelers should consider booking a room at an ice hotel. Ice hotels, as the name suggests, are built entirely of ice and snow, and they are built anew every year. Even beds, chairs, and drinking glasses in an ice hotel are made of ice. Visitors stay warm with the help of thick fur bedding and special insulated sleeping bags.4k wallpaper adventure alps 2437299

  1. Try Volunteer Tourism

Volunteer tourism provides a way for travelers to experience a new place and culture while giving back to the local community. Many people combine tourism with foreign travel; for example, volunteer programs in Peru invite tourists to help out at an orphanage while staying with a local family and learning about the local food and culture. There are also many ways to volunteer while traveling within the U.S.

  1. Plan A Culinary Vacation

For a group of foodies, a food-oriented holiday trip can be the perfect way to travel. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel abroad to experience a wide range of international cuisines. Houston, Texas, for example, is a well-known destination for the best Vietnamese cuisine in the U.S., and one of the best Szechuan restaurants outside of China is found on Atlanta’s Buford Highway.

  1. Travel By Train

Taking a trip by train is a great way to see the countryside and experience a unique form of travel. You can sleep in a cozy sleeping compartment and enjoy restaurant-quality meals with fellow travelers. Some of the most interesting trips include the Grand Canyon Railway, the Coast Starlight (which travels up the Pacific coast), and the Colorado Rail Adventure.

These are just a few suggestions for getting off the beaten path on your next holiday trip. Sometimes the most memorable trips are those that combine a little planning and a lot of spontaneity.

Jason Bucowski