The Mummy Museum of Mexico

It would totally suck if cemeteries charged an annual tax to keep your body buried. I would be hesitant to pay this for a great-great relative whom I know nothing about. This is what happened in Guanajuato, Mexico. But in this town most people were to poor to pay the tax even if they wanted.
While vacationing in Guanajuato I spent an afternoon at the city's famous Museo de las Momias. It's kind of a strange place to get to, though. Since the city is built on top of tunnels you need to wind your way through them outside of the centro colonial area to a less attractive part. This is where the unemployed and underemployed gather to do nothing. Middle-aged men sit on porches and trinket vendors make no sales.

The museum at just over $4USD for a student ticket is a fair price to see the world's tiniest mummy. In the 1800's the idea was not to turn the bodies into mummies. It just happened due to a unique soil composition when they were buried. Then when people refused to pay taxes the bodies were unburied.

The museum was creepy. Much less so than the crypts I visited in Lima, Peru

. But still spooky.

According to the guide many of the mummies died rather horrificly. In fact, one of the mummies is seen covering her face because she was buried alive. I saw another mummy with a purple color to him since he had drowned. I even saw a man with a dark  pigmentation in one area from hematoma because he had been stabbed.
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