The Products That Your Company Needs

The Products That Your Company Needs

Good Advice for Manufacturers

In the month of January, Jack Shepherd from wrote an engaging article about the things that manufactures need to keep in mind when it comes to security and productivity. Balancing security and productivity in the technological sector can be a challenge. In a report, there was an investigation done on 17,000 US and Canadian manufacturers in order to explore the different challenges that come with identity security in organizations. Digital transformation is the wave of the future, but even though the digital age brings opportunity and innovation, there are also some challenges that are unique to the digital world. These challenges include the diversity of application and users when it comes to the management of roles and permission, and the ever-changing security risk that come with more access. Savvy business owners are keen on making digital transformations, but they also have to consider critical points when it comes to a management strategy for online access.

The Increased Risks That Come With More Access

The study that was done showed that 1/3 of all businesses give authorized access to more than 25 third party organizations. This means that outside companies are able to get private information from protected clients. Security issues can definitely come into play when it comes to these this third-party access, and as a number of these external users gets larger, it is imperative for business owners to keep a system that is secure when it comes to application permission and access.

The Balance of Security and Usability

As more users are able to access private information, there is more risk for cyber attacks. If a business is unprepared, the security risks can be extremely high. Apart from security risk, there can be a huge loss in productivity. When credentials are compromised, weak, or stolen, a data breach is eminent.

The Products That Your Company Needs

The Cost of Keeping Things Safe

Cyber attacks are definitely on the rise. A survey shows that cyber attacks have cost companies upwards of $750,000. Since manufacturers have access to sensitive information such as financial reports, partner agreements, blueprints, and business phones, they must take effective measures to prevent a breech. At the same time, manufactures want to be able to make a choice that is cost-effective. Identity theft and access management has cost manufactures up to $3.5 million. These are costs that can weigh on business owners, and they can also prevent a positive flow of income.  For companies on a limited budget, they are opt for consumer-grade products such as a VPN router to prevent Wi-Fi hacking and a anti-virus to prevent malware attacks.  However, these methods are not foolproof and are a mere stopgap.

 MFA and SSO offer a True Solution to the Security Problem

OneLogin is a unique company that offers both a single sign on app and a multifactor authentication product. These products are also known as MFA and SSO. These are real time solutions that are pre-integrated with more than 5000 different applications. All that an individual has to do with the single sign on product is sign on to her device and her login credentials will be secured and accessible with any other application. This is accessible from any device, and it can increase productivity tremendously. The Multifactor authentication product is able to protect critical information against a breach. This MFS system prevents any unauthorized users from accessing private data with passwords. OneLogin is a company that has come up with a real security solution that is economical and effective.

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