The Pyramids – Go It Alone or Guided Tour?

The Pyramids - Go It Alone or Guided Tour?

The first thing anyone will ask you when you get back from Egypt is, “What did you think of the pyramids?” These impressive structures are synonymous with Egypt, and it really would be a pity not to take the time to have a look at them while you’re in the country. Certain pyramids are open to the public at different times of year, and getting up close a personal with thousand-year old craftsmanship is worth it – even for the most jaded of travelers.

So, the question is, should you just head on over to Giza yourself or should you go for an escorted tour with Bales Worldwide

or another tour company?

Going Alone:

Getting there from Cairo seems relatively easy, with a number of different options available. You can hop on to the Giza station, then grab a minibus for the last 8km. Alternatively, just go by bus straight from Cairo. You can also grab a taxi. The problem is, this requires a lot of work with timetables, waiting for transport on hot streets, and haggling with taxi drivers. Once you get there, you’ll purchase your tickets to enter the sites, and separate tickets to actually go into the pyramids. You’ll have to watch out for smooth-talking conmen who will try to get you to give up your ticket before you get to the official gates. If this happens they’ll basically hold your ticket hostage while they give you a ‘guided tour’ – tip, of course, expected.

Guided Tour:

The Pyramids - Go It Alone or Guided Tour?The sheer amount of history, myths

, and knowledge that we have about the Pyramids means that having someone who can explain various myths, research and discoveries makes the experience much richer. Good guided tours are staffed by trained and professional experts, who have the experience and language skills to answer your questions. They’ll also keep shysters and scam artists away. Add in the more comfortable and convenient travel and I know which I’d pick.



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