The Real Adventure of South America Travel Are the Bus Rides

I will be traveling by bus this summer. A lot. 6-24 hour bus rides will be the norm and I really don’t mind because traveling by bus is always a really unique adventure. It is not out of the norm to throw a live dog on the roof or to ride next to a chicken on one side and a new mother breastfeeding her child without covering up in some countries. Did you forget to buy water for your 15 hour bus ride? Not a problem. The bus driver will pick up vendors throughout the ride. Have Aids? Well apparently someone dressed in a suit will come on the bus and give a 20 minute presentation full of pictures explaining how the natural medicine he is selling will cure aids, cancer, etc. It only costs $1! And if you ever get bored during the ride then all you need to do is look out the window to see beautiful scenery or have a near death experience as your driver almost drives the bus off a bridge into a river.

Bus rides are great!

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Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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