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The Survival Guide For Visiting Bali

If you are planning a trip to Bali and you have never been to this beautiful island in Indonesia, then you may wish to have a quick read of this survival guide which will help you to get off on the right foot when on your dream holiday. Read below, and you will see there are plenty of useful tips which will help you enjoy your time there, not get ripped off, and also stay safe.

Getting A Visa For Indonesia

Getting into Indonesia is simple, and all you need are at least six months validity in your passport, and if you are a citizen of one of the 140 countries on the visa exempt list, you will automatically be allowed to stay for 30 days. You can see which countries do not have to apply for a visa through a quick search online, and if you do need to apply, you can do this by visiting the nearest Indonesian embassy or consulate.

Bringing In Duty-Free Alcohol, Cigarettes, And Perfume

When travelling to Indonesia you will receive a duty-free allowance of certain products that you can purchase and take into the country. You are allowed to bring in 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 100 grams of tobacco, and each adult is allowed to bring in 1 litre of alcohol. There is no set restriction on perfume as long as it is within a reasonable amount for personal use.

Accommodation In Bali

There is a broad and diverse selection of accommodation available in Bali, and you can stay in the lap of luxury or a small beach hut on the beach, depending on your budget. If you have a bigger budget and do not want to stay in a hotel with other guests, there are also Bali luxury villas which give you the privacy and seclusion for which you may be looking. Investigate all of the different accommodation options available, and you are sure to find something suitable for your needs and your budget.

Haggle When Buying

You will be able to haggle in a lot of shops and market stalls when buying products such as clothes, shoes, and other items. Haggling can be a lot of fun and can also lead to some excellent bargains being had, but be sure to offer a fair price though and do not push too much for a discount as you may offend the trader.

The Best Times To Visit

Bali has only two seasons which are the dry season and the rainy season. It is best to visit between April and October, with July and August being the most popular months for tourists so is a high season.

Do Not Drink The Water

Among the tips to remember when you get to Bali is what to drink. If you drink the local tap water in Bali, you may find yourself becoming sick, and it is a much better idea to drink bottled water which most of the locals do as well. You are okay to use the water to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out, but if you have a sensitive stomach, it may be best to also use bottled water for this as well.
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These are some of the most important aspects to be aware of before you visit Bali and there is plenty more as well, you can get more advice on visiting Bali from people who have visited this beautiful part of the world. A quick search on Google should lead you to blogs that will help you out.

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