The Traveler's Holiday

The Traveler’s Holiday

Tourists. . . Need I say more? As well-seasoned travelers we have a love-hate relationship with tourists. Sure, it’s easy to take a cheap shot at tourists, but at one point in our lives we were tourists as well, brandishing disposable cameras, color-coordinated group t-shirts, and perhaps even the dreaded fanny-pack.  A thought that should send chills down your very spine.


Well-seasoned travelers are always looking for that perfect spot – that one spot in the world where they can escape monotony an familiarity and immerse themselves in a culture totally alien. And tourists just seem to have a way of breaking that feeling of immersion. Let’s admit it, it’s hard to truly experience foreign culture when an entire family from Mississippi asks you to take a photo of them wearing Sphinx hats. Well then, today is your lucky day, oh well-seasoned traveler, because I may just have found the perfect spot.


Ever hear of Mauritius

? No? Good.

Let’s start with the basics then. Mauritius is officially known as the Republic of Mauritius (not that you needed to know that, but at least now you can show show off at a cocktail party). The island nation in the Indian Ocean is around 2,000 kilometers southeast of the African continent. Oh yeah, they also use the Rupee


Ok, that’s enough of the basics. Let’s get to the fun stuff. Now I don’t have to tell you that a major attraction of any island nation will be it’s beaches, but I personally have never seen beaches quite like this before. The sands were whiter than any I have ever encountered, gorgeous mountain ranges broke above the horizon, and, perhaps most amazing of all, there were no tourists.


Now, that is not to say that this place isn’t a great travel destination. In fact, their tourism is bustling. But what shocked me was the unobtrusiveness of it’s tourists. No disposable cameras, no loud families arguing over who forgot to pack the cooler, and most importantly, no fanny packs. Truly this Island is an oasis. It seemed as though everyone there was an experienced traveler. I even met a few new friends along the way.

So for those of you out there planning your own holidays to Mauritius

, just remember to relax, take your time, and immerse yourself in some extraordinary culture. And no fanny-packs!

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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