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The Westminster Abbey Post-Royal Wedding

Not that i’m a teenage girl or anything but touring the Westminster Abbey just a couple days after the Royal Wedding was pretty cool. I think teenage girls would even say its a once in a lifetime experience.


Last April when Prince William and Kate got married

was a great time to be in London. It’s not that I really know what its like to be in London any other time but the atmosphere was top notch. Thousands of tourists who came just for the wedding still had not left the city either. Even so, I wanted to take in London’s top sites too. If the extra tourists meant long lines, so be it.

As you can see from the wedding video the Westminster Abbey looks a little less drab than usual. They actually decorated the church with plants to make it come to life. During my visit to the church the plants were still left inside for the weekend tours. I think that is why teenage girls were calling their visit so unique.

The creepy side of the Westminster Abbey

While inside did a self-guided tour of the interior. Unfortunately photography and filming were not permitted. I did manage to snap a couple photos, though. Seeing how its from all the way back in 690AD, and consecrated in 1065, I can understand why they are so strict. The Westminster Abbey is designed in the shape of a cross. How fitting. The design is quite genius. The several stained glass windows are built at just the right angles to capture the powerful sun’s rays.

Posing for a photo in the Westminster Abbey Courtyard

Like much of London the Westminster Abbey holds significant historical value. Its the burial site for many poets, musicians and English monarchs. Between St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Westminster Abbey they could recreate their own twisted Madame Tussaud’s skeletal collection. Just in the Westminster Abbey alone the remains of  Charles Dickens, Isaac Newton, Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots are buried.

If you go today you will find its been updated for modern times with a gallery showing recent photos of the royal wedding of Prince of Wales’ (William & Catherine).

The big question brewing must be was this a once in a lifetime opportunity? No. But it was an interesting way to spend an afternoon in London.


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