Three Common Problems Tech Challenged People Encounter

Three Common Problems Tech Challenged People Encounter


Let’s admit it. Technology is moving so fast it can sometimes be hard to catch up. Many people out there might even be late by a full decade with the latest software updates. Some people are just not tech savvy, and that’s okay. While technology promises to make life easier, I’m sure a lot of people can relate that the pace at which these changes come can get quite overwhelming.

You may be an adventurer who has been traveling for consecutive years now literally hiding under rocks, or you can just be an old school kind of guy who prefers the way things were in 2007. (I admit that I am both.) Whatever it is, you will surely relate to these three common problems that most tech-challenged people encounter.


What is Everyone Talking About?

If you are unfortunate to be around friends and family who are tech savvy, you will probably have a hard time jumping into the conversation. While they discuss hard drive partition, online data hosting, or upgrading OS, you may want to check your face for that blank and confused expression.

There is no shame in not getting to chime in. Trust me, you’re not the only one that didn’t get the memo. The solution to this is simple, own up to it. Sure you might get the occasional “Are you serious” but most tech people love to help out people who are not up to speed with it. Keep a techie friend or an ally from the IT team and use and abuse his/her knowledge to your advantage.


Do I Really Need To Update This?

Here’s a familiar story. You decide to update to a new OS as many people have advised, but all of a sudden you just don’t understand what’s going on with your computer anymore. You just want your old life back. And all your pictures. And your old apps. You start to panic out of post-update regret. Then you tell yourself – Never again.

If this traumatic experience has you trapped in Windows 7, it is time to move to the light. Fight tech with tech. It is time to get on with the times and bravely update to Windows 10. Thankfully, there is such a thing as a system rollback freeware

 that can help you rollback to a previous version of Windows from Windows 10

. This will enable you to switch from old to new OS easily. It also helps you backup your files so that you do not lose them when updating.


I Don’t Know How to Use This

Apart from your social apps and candy crush, your smartphone is only good for calling and texting over the network. That’s it. You keep wondering how people make their pictures look the way they do on Instagram, cause you never look as good when you take a picture on your camera.

A good place to conquer your tech fears is through your mobile. Mobile apps are mostly user-friendly even for the technologically challenged. Check the top ranking apps and read up on people’s comments. All you need to know to do is how to download an app through your app store, and all you need to be equipped with is the courage to try them out. Just don’t forget to delete the ones you don’t like or else they will pile up in your phone.



Don’t pressure yourself to find out everything at once. There’s nothing bad with kicking it old school, but today’s technologies really have been making a difference in the way many people operate. If you’re feeling a little left behind, just be brave enough to ask for help! Just as with everything, you won’t get anywhere without trying!

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Jason Bartoli

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