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Three-Stress Free Days in Prague 

Extended weekend holidays can be spent in a number of ways. You can rush around to each historical site, panting like a dog as you check off the mandatory items, looking at everything through your camera’s viewfinder and then, as you’re sitting in the plane feeling exhausted, you can finally go through your pictures and discover where it exactly was that you were the whole time. Or you can enjoy a holiday, even with a short amount of time, and remember the atmosphere of any given city and your experiences even without having seen absolutely everything. We have prepared an itinerary for you that will help you in spending three days in the heart of Europe, getting to know all and everything worthwhile.

Day 1 

Start off with a stroll on Újezd street and enjoy a nice morning at Na Kampě square. Make your way to Charles Bridge as soon as possible. In the morning, the views from the bridge are at their best and it’s good to get there when there’s less tourists. Don’t forget to stop and check out the forged iron bars around the relief of John of Nepomuk. When you place one hand on the cross and the other on the relief and make a wish, legend says that your wish will come true. After walking the length of the bridge, you will come across some stairs to your left that lead to Přístav Judita (Judith’s harbour) under Křižovnické square. Beautiful wooden boats flow in and out of this port to take people on river cruises of the so-called “Prague Venice”. Also, the entrance fee to the Charles Bridge Museum comes in the price. After your tour, head on over to the nearby Old Town Square where you might just arrive in time to see the astronomical clock at noon. For lunch we would recommend Nuance restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Central Prague, where you are sure to be surprised by the honest prices. Also, if you’re looking for a hotel in Prague’s city centre, try out hotel Rott which is connected to the Nuance restaurant. After taking a break with some delicious dessert, we would recommend a walk through the former Jewish ghetto, Josefov, and a visit to any of the synagogues which are intimately bound with Prague’s history. In the evening, head on down for a concert at the Rudolfinum concert hall and enjoy the music and get to know one of the most architecturally significant buildings in Prague from the inside. 

Day 2

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Take a break from the city for Day 2 and visit Prague Zoo, a zoo that is regularly rated as the 5th best zoo in the world. Take a trip on a cable car or miniature train that help the zoo return to its natural roots. Here you will be able to see a unique group of Przewalski’s horse and a brilliant view of the capital city. If you don’t want to spend the entire day at the zoo (which wouldn’t be a problem do to, given the zoo’s size), you can head over to the amazing baroque Troja Palace with its natural maze, right across the way from the zoo. Also, you will find the Botanical Garden of the City Prague nearby the zoo. The garden boasts a tropical greenhouse Fata Morgana (tropical butterflies are often on display here), an enchanting Japanese garden and the garden’s own vineyard and wine shop. 

Day 3

Focus on Prague Castle and its gardens on Day 3. Many of these gardens are actually open to the public as well. Of course, you can go through some organized tours to see many, many historical sites, but we would recommend only taking a tour of the “must-see” St. Vitus Cathedral and otherwise spending your time taking in the atmosphere of each place, such as the Old Royal Palace or the Daliborka tower. Try to take your time through the Royal gardens, enjoying both the Belvedere and Lion courtyards, the Rajská zahrada (Tomato Garden), the Na Valech garden and the Hartig Garden.  Also, the Fourth courtyard of Prague Castle, having been designed in both the Italian and Japanese style, is open year-round and is also worth a visit.

Jason Bucowski