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Three Things to Experience in Cebu City

Cebu city is Cebu’s main city, and touring around the area brings you many experiences you can learn and enjoy from.

The Philippines, which is “The Pearl of the Orient Seas”, has Cebu as one of the major cities of the country. Cebu is seated in the center of the Philippines and is a popular destination for local and foreign tourists. Moreover, there are many spots one can go to in the province of Cebu.

Thus, Cebu tours are commonly divided into three: Cebu city tour, South Cebu tour, and North Cebu tour. The most popular would be the Cebu city tour, especially for those who have just gone to Cebu for a quick business trip. Further, the city tour makes you hop to many tourist attractions in just a matter of hours; the south and north trips will consume more than three hours of travel time.

What are the top things Cebu city tour can offer you?

1. Heritage Sitesword image 1

Cebu city is dubbed as the first ASEAN City of Culture because of its rich celebration of Cebuano culture. The city has ancestral homes, museums, and places of historical significance.

The Colon Street of Cebu city alone is truly historic as it is the oldest street of the Philippines. In this street is where groundbreaking landmarks and ancestral homes are located. Among the heritage sites tourists may be interested in are: the The Heritage of Cebu Monument, Magellan’s Cross, Museo Sugbo, Yap Sandiego Ancestral House, Jesuit House of 1730 or Museo de Parian, Casa Gorordo Museum and Fort San Pedro.

Visiting these heritage attractions enables you to understand the Cebuano or Filipino (in general) culture and history. Your social and cultural awareness is heightened after the Cebu city tour.

2. Worship Placesword image 2

Cebuanos (and Filipinos as a whole) are known for their religiosity. Their strong Catholic affiliation influences their law and lifestyles. The kind of Catholicism here in the Philippines may be different from the other Catholic practices abroad. It would be enthralling to experience this Cebuano’s practice of religion.

In the Cebu city tour, you are to witness the oldest Christian church of the Philippines, which is labeled by Rome as “the Mother and Head of all Churches in the Philippines”. It is the Basílica Minore del Santo Niño church. It is believed that the first Sto. Niño (the relic of the holy child Jesus) brought to the country is kept here.

Immersing yourself to Cebu’s worship places widens your perspective on religious practices.

3. Mountain Views

word image 3

The best thing about the Cebu city tour is you can elevate in the hilly side of the city, and voila, you can get the best top view of the city!

It does not take long for you to see Cebu on top. Going to the mountains is part of the city tour. And, the city mountains have sights that are breathtaking for tourists to visit. Among these are Sirao Flower Farm, Temple of Leah, and Taoist Temple.

The vast attractions found on the mountain trips extract “instagram-worthy” photos. Plus, you can feel Cebu in the best perspective – on top!

The Take-Away

Cebu city tour is jam-packed and is worth your time and money. You are able to experience as many tourist attractions of Cebu in this city tour. Moreover, you can get the best of Cebu thru visiting the heritage sites, the religious places, and the mountaintop attractions.

Jason Bucowski