Time for new holiday luggage?

It’s officially ‘going on holiday’ time of year, which means it’s time to drag your suitcases and travel bags

out from the back of the wardrobe and see what sort of condition they’re in. It’s very easy to chuck them out of site when you come back from hols, forgetting that the zip burst on the way back from the airport and then remember the night before you leave that you were supposed to get a new bag! So, the week before you head off, make sure your bags are holiday fit.

If they’re looking a bit battered and bruised then why not splash out and treat yourself to some new suitcases and travel bags. New luggage will make your trip to the airport a whole lot easier and if you’ve had the same bag for years you can now make the change to something that suits you better. For example, if you’ve been holding on to your beloved rucksack which has been all around the world with you and has seen better days, maybe now is the time to invest in something a little bit smarter. Or it could be that the rucksack looks perfectly fine but your back is starting to rebel and tell you it’s time to get a wheelie case. Either way, it might be time to pass the rucksack on to someone with younger bones!

Before you start looking at suitcases and travel bags, think about what you want from your luggage. Are you the kind of person who just likes to roll everything up and throw it in a big soft case, or do you like to have lots of smaller compartments to put things in so you know where they are.  Do you want something you can sling over your shoulder and carry like a kit bag, or is it essential to have a case you can pull along on wheels?


It’s also worth thinking about the kind of material you want your case to be made from. If you really feel like treating yourself then why not splash out on something in leather – just bear in mind that accidents like sun cream or shampoo leakage won’t do it the world of good! If you want something a bit tougher that won’t mark as easily, then hard wearing canvas might be a better option. You could also consider a hard casing which, though a bit heavier, will protect the contents of your bag and withstand getting chucked around the hold a few times.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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