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Tips For Starting A Digital Nomad Lifestyle

The internet makes it possible to not only connect with the world from anywhere, but to live anywhere as well. The emergence of the gig economy has fostered new ways to earn a living and spend money while traveling. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind for developing a digital nomad lifestyle

  1. Get Your Finances in Order

Setting out to travel the world while developing a digital career is easier said than done.¬†Some of the challenges of being a digital nomad¬†involve saving enough money for emergencies, constantly meeting new people and learning about unfamiliar cultures. The more money you have saved in the bank, the easier your trip will be. You’ll be able to pay for translation services or underexpected¬†travel issues.

  1. Pursue Digital Income Online

Once you establish a digital skill that you can market online, you won’t have to worry about working for a boss again. While the top paying digital jobs such as software programming take time to develop, there are several other ways to start making money online, such as writing for publication, web design and graphic art. The best way to get paid for such work is through PayPal or the Borderless Account by Transferwise.¬†

Staying updated on current online job opportunities can be achieved with job boards and freelance resources such as Flexjobs, Hubstaff and Outsourcely. 

  1. Plan Your Travel Destinations

Most cities in the world have plenty of¬†hotels and some form of public transportation. If your goal is to continuously travel from city to city throughout the year, it’s best to make arrangements months in advance to get the best deals. As far as finding the best places to eat, use Yelp to read restaurant reviews.

Cutting lodging expenses can be done by researching hostels or other low cost lodging opportunities. Some of the most affordable world travel destinations include Thailand, Chile and the Czech Republic. 

Public transportation is generally cheaper than driving in a car. Many countries are encouraging bicycle riding to help protect the environment and reduce traffic congestion. 

  1. Study Maps

When you arrive in a new city the best way to learn about it is to study maps of the region. Knowing the main freeway arteries is an important foundation to this learning process. Yes, you can access Google Maps or other digital maps easily as you need them on your smartphone, but actually learning the streets helps give you a greater sense of your surroundings.

  1. Research Communication Options

A laptop¬†and a smartphone will keep you connected with the world in your travels. But it’s good to know what areas are covered by your phone carrier and how geography affects rates. The most affordable option is to use free email and social media accounts for communication. You can also save money on long distance calls with Skype or VoIP.¬†

In the digital nomad universe the cloud is your hub wherever you travel. Consider setting up A POBoxZone account, which is an email service designed for frequent travelers. It’s a hybrid for maintaining both a physical and digital address that’s always available.¬†

  1. Invest in VPN Technology

There are countless digital nomad tools available online to help make your journey as smooth as possible. Be aware of the various apps that are designed for travelers and entrepreneuers. That way you can run your business with greater efficiency while traveling. PureVPN and Speedify are VPNs that work on laptops and smartphones. 

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a reliable way to stay clear of cybercriminals. Just be aware that public wi-fi hotspots are usually not secure and are key centers where hackers hang out to steal confidential information. tray of fruits and coffee near powered on laptop on brown 1467435

  1. Keep Your Devices Protected

These days cybercriminals are everywhere, yet invisible. Make sure your computing devices are well protected with security layers beyond just antivirus software. It’s smart to use firewalls and other tools that detect suspicious activity. Malware Bytes is an app that guards against malicious websites as well as malware and ransomware.¬†

  1. Use Nomad-Friendly Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is good to have in case you get into some type of trouble involving health or transportation. It’s common for global travelers to develop illnesses on trips from being exposed to different environments or to get lost. World Nomads and Safetywing are nomad-friendly travel insurance companies to investigate. For medical help, look into Air Doctor, which can connect you with any specialized medical service.¬†

  1. Don’t Forget Time Zones

Sometimes people forget that the earth has multiple time zones. So be aware when you call someone in another country what time zone they live in. When it comes to email, you can schedule messages to be sent at specific times with Boomerang to create the effect of a real-time delivery. 

Jason Bucowski