Tips for Travelling to Disney with Kids

Tips for Travelling to Disney with Kids

 Traveling with children poses its own unique challenges. Kids can go from happy and excited to cranky and tired very quickly, especially in exciting new surroundings. Parents need to be prepared for a variety of situations to keep their kids as comfortable as possible when traveling in Florida to visit Disney. This will reduce tantrums and make the trip more pleasant for everyone involved. Here are three tips to keep in mind for traveling in the Sunshine State with kids.


Be Smart About Ticket Purchases

There’s so much to do in Florida that it can overwhelm newcomers. When you’re overwhelmed and confused, you may end up spending much more on tickets than you should have. FloridaTix offer exclusive Disney tickets

that ensure you get the best deals on Disney’s best theme parks. They guarantee that they offer the lowest prices around and will even deliver them to you for free. There are no hidden charges when you purchase tickets, and only £10 is needed to secure your tickets unlike other brokers that charge large deposits.


Bring Activities for the Plane

Kids can quickly become bored, fidgety and cranky during a flight. To minimize fussing, pack plenty of activities and snacks for them in your carry on. Healthy snacks

like nuts, pretzels and veggies are best to avoid a sugar rush from candies and sweets. Bring along coloring books, handheld games, MP3 players for music or tablet devices for watching movies. If your child likes to read, bring along a new book. To make it even more fun, bring along a special toy that is Disney-related to surprise them with on the flight.


Tips for Travelling to Disney with Kids

Wear Proper Clothes and Shoes

When you visit Disney theme parks, you will be doing a lot of standing and walking. Now is not the time to put new sandals on your daughter or new sneakers on your son. They should wear shoes that have already been broken in. Always bring extra clothes because kids are prone to getting food and drink stains on themselves. Clothes should be lightweight and preferably light in color to reflect the sun which can become very hot in Florida

. Pack two swimsuits for each child so that you can always enjoy the hotel pool without putting on a bathing suit that’s not entirely dry yet.


By saving money on tickets, keeping kids entertained during the flight and packing proper clothes for the Florida heat and sunshine, you’ll ensure that everyone stays comfortable and happy. Your Disney

experience will be a memorable one that you’ll reflect on for years to come. After all, it’s the most magical place on earth for both kids and parents when it’s done properly.

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