Tips to sleep better in Hotels

Tips to sleep better in Hotels

While traveling, we book rooms in hotels, and our sleep pattern is even affected. This may affect our schedule. To avoid the same, here are some important tips that can help you sleep better in hotels.


When making a reservation, ensure that you choose a quiet room. For this, ask the executive to guide you with a room that is away from the elevator and is on the upper floor. If you are around, you can even ask frequent hotel guests to help you get a quiet room.

Note: Usually, if you book a room midway along a hallway, you can expect it to be the quietest part on the floor, until it is close to vending machines, exits, guest laundry facilities, housekeeping closets or any other facility that can be noisy.


It is advisable to choose a room that isn’t facing a pool. Usually, we look for such rooms because the view is pretty and helps us relax. However, pools can be one of the places chosen by people for late-night gatherings. If that happens, you can expect your good night sleep turn into a nightmare.


If you are tele booking a room or booking it online, it is important to know whether the hotel is undergoing renovation or not. If that happens, you can be sure that you will not get peace in there.

However, if the process is almost complete and they give you a room on a renovated floor, ensuring that you will have better rooms and a quiet environment, check into their details.

Blackout shades

Heavy, thick curtains help in keeping the light out. This is important because it helps you sleep whenever you want.

Non-smoking room

If you do not smoke, this is important because the smell of old cigarette can keep you uneasy all the time. So, make sure that you are given a non-smoking room.


If you are vulnerable to neck pains, you should choose the right pillow while sleeping. If you can get one from your home, it will be good. However, if you have not bought one, ask about pillow options at the hotel. Look for the right level of firmness and enjoy sleeping.

Note: It is better to ask them about it in advance so that if they do not offer options, you should include your pillow in the luggage.

Planning to buy a new pillow for your travel? Buy it online and get exclusive discounts on the same. Apart from discounts, coupons are available for your purchases. Make the most of it so that you can get the best deals and discounts on your pillow purchases.

Two beds

If you are traveling with someone, ask for two beds so that their irregular sleeping pattern won’t affect your sleep. If you are traveling with your spouse, this should not be an issue because you are used to sleeping next to them for quite some time now.

Earplugs and eyeshades

Well, if you are not sure about the hotel surroundings and other factors that can disrupt your sleep pattern, you should include earplugs and eyeshades in your luggage. At times, these add-ons can be annoying, but it is still better than what is being offered by the surrounding.

For the same reason, night cap can even be a good option.


If you have sensitive skin, you might be worried about the bleach or detergents used to clean hotel linens. Put your worries to rest and pack your own sheet in your luggage so that you can sleep better.

If that is not possible, still make sure that you pack your own pillowcase.

Use your bed to sleep only

Yes, you are cramped for space, but that doesn’t mean that you should use your bed while eating or working. This can be an issue.

While eating, you might spill something or leave behind little food stains that can make your sleep uncomfortable.

So, make sure that you use your bed to sleep and sleep only. Nothing else!

Big-meal dinner

Eating too much for dinner can force you to roll over the bed when sleeping. So, make sure you eat though to fill your tummy and limit yourself with the excess.


The freshness of a room where chemicals have been used on a number of products, you should spray your room. For linen, carry a gentle linen spray to keep yourself at ease.

Want one? Buy it online at Linen sprays are cheap, and you might get the same at a reasonable price at However, if you are planning to buy more than one, look for coupons that can help you get additional discounts.

Coupons are useful, and you can choose one that is perfect for your needs.

Bonus Tip: Shop at overstock with coupons that can be clubbed with existing discounts available on the store.

‘Do Not Disturb.’

Before sleeping, it is important to hang this sign on the outside of your doorknob. This will ensure a good night sleep and even a long sleep session. Without that sign, you can expect the housekeepers to ring the doorbell early in the morning. So, if you don’t want irritating doorbells to disturb your peaceful sleep session, hang it on the outside of your doorknob.

Alarms and wake-up calls

Make sure that your cell phone is on silent mode and your alarm clock is set for the time you want it to ring. However, if you feel that you might oversleep, make the most of the hotel’s wake-up call service. Ask them about it in advance. This should be helpful.

Room temperature

Usually, people sleep better in a cooler room. However, you should make sure that you do not set the thermostat to extremely cool. You don’t want to shiver, right?

So, set it to slightly cool and sleep better.

Apart from this, what should one do to sleep better in hotels?

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