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Tokyo's Unique Fashion Trends

Tokyo’s Unique Fashion Trends

Tokyo is huge and amazing and weird. Among fully industrialized and technologically advanced major cities, Tokyo stands apart in the way it implements technology. It can feel downright science-fictiony at times. This is a city that you can rent tubes to sleep in. Which could be cool, or incredibly claustrophobic, but I prefer to stick with the many excellent hostels in Tokyo

. You can also get cheap hotels

that aren’t space pods in Tokyo as well.

As with any science-fiction setting, Tokyo has really weird fashion. I’m not much of a fashion guy myself, but I know people who love Tokyo for the constant new styles, and the daring of the fashion habits of  both the rich and the poor student types. There countless fashions, styles, cultures, and subcultures, and it is often  difficult for even the most devoted fashion freak to keep up. (At least that’s what they tell me. I just see two different categories: crazy and hot.) There are hundreds, if not thousands, of magazines devoted to street fashion photography in Tokyo. Every season styles change, subcultures flourish and wither away, and brands get hot and cool off.
[ Beautiful smiles ] Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

I can’t emphasize enough that even if you’re not into fashion you should take a day and walk around the trendiest parts of Tokyo. It’s not really about fashion, it’s about people watching. Leave the hostel and head to Harajuku, Shibuya, or Shinjuku. You’ll see everything from people dressed like Anime characters, to Soul Divas, to Cowboys, to Parisian artists from the 20’s, to Punk, to Goth, to the usual hipster and high fashion attire. The amount of self-expression is awesome. And it can be kind of funny.


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