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Top Destinations for a New Year’s Trip

It gets boring doesn’t it? Doing the same thing every New Year. The same places, the same faces. A house party this year or an expensive night out in town. Wouldn’t it be great to do something completely different and make it a New Year to remember?

Well you can. By heading to one of our top destinations you can ring 2013 in, in style. And if you’re a bit late getting it booked this year, you can start planning for next year. So, here we go with our top destinations for a New Year’s trip, brought to you by Virgin Money Holiday Travel Insurance


Sydney New Year's Eve

Sydney, Australia

If you haven’t already got this one booked, it’s probably best saving to celebrate 2014 in style. Accommodation goes months in advance and you’ve got that expensive flight to pay for too; but it’s definitely worth it. Being around the Opera House for one of the most iconic fireworks shows in the world isn’t bad is it? If you don’t want to deal with the crowds check out one of the Northern beaches for a stunning view across the harbour. It’s definitely one to remember!

London, UK

Who says you have to go to another country to get the best out of New Year’s Eve. Central London, around Westminster Bridge is jam-packed with revellers, while the capital’s nightclubs will be showcasing some of the best DJs in the world.

Ko Phangan, Thailand

If you haven’t got anything sorted yet, why not jump on a last minute flight to Thailand and get your party on? The full moon party at Haat Rin beach is world renowned and crams 20,000 onto the sand for party tunes, Samsung buckets and the off extracurricular activity. It might not actually be full moon, but tell that to the revellers. For all party boys and girls, this is one not to be missed.

Happy New Year from Thailand

Gisborne, New Zealand

It doesn’t sound like the most glamorous of New Year’s destinations, but Gisborne on the East Coast of New Zealand is very popular amongst those who know. Each New Year’s Eve the annual Rhythm and Vines festival is held in the town’s vineyards. Host to some of the country’s top music it’s also one of the first places to welcome the New Year in. It’s definitely one to write home about.

Edinburgh, UK

Good old Edinburgh. It’s a classic spot for a New Year’s countdown. If you fancy celebrating Hogmanay in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle; it’s time to get it booked!

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