Top Five Motorsport Venues Worldwide

Top Five Motorsport Venues Worldwide

Home to some of the most riveting events in the sporting world, all motorsport tracks and circuits must be kept up-to-scratch throughout the year. While general maintenance is vitally important for the safety of competitors and staff, another exceptionally significant element is the quality of each location as an entertainment venue. Millions of racing fans travel to these sites every year, each one of them expecting only the best from their chosen arena.


We’ve picked out five of the best in the world below. 

1) Silverstone

As the “Home of British Motor Racing”, there’s no way this excellent circuit could be left out. Popular among drivers and technically difficult to complete, its full length, as used in the British Grand Prix, measures 3.194 miles. The surrounding stands seat a capacity of 90,000 spectator seats with 60,000 in the grandstand. The venue offers premium standard corporate hospitality as well as ehilirating “experience packages” for fans to navigate the track themselves in one of a number of available vehicles.

2) Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps

Another Grand Prix venue, this time in Belgium, this track has been named as one of the most challenging in the world, and also one of the most beautiful. Twists and hills are thrown dangerously into the path of those who drive this circuit. Endurance races also take place on this 7km (4.3 mile) behemoth, including the Spa 24 Hours and 1000 km Spa. Driven track tours are available to the public, as are driving experience days for amateurs and test days for licensed drivers.

3) Hockenheimring

Originally used for motorcycle racing in the 30s, the Hockenheimring measures 2.82 miles and is virtually flat. With a jam-packed calendar of events affording a huge number of returning fans the track has a capacity of 120,000, and notably hosts the NitrOlympics, one of the most famous drag-racing events in the world.

4) Circuit de Monaco

This track is the stuff of legend. Housed not within an official venue but snaking through the centre of the city itself, the circuit snakes up steep hills and a around an infamous hairpin bend. In full view of the picturesque Costa Azzura, its shoreline constantly populated with yachts owned by some of the most affluent and successful individuals on Earth, Monaco functions as a beautiful seaside town for the rest of the year, and is also home to a world-famous casino.

5) Texas Motor Speedway

One of the most popular motor NASCAR venues in the world, the Motor Speedway is a veritable theatre. A flat, circular track built for stock car racing, a day out here is certainly one to remember. Live music and refreshments are a huge part of the experience, and when the venue is filled to its 191,122 capacity, the hugely enthusiastic fans appear to be as much part of each race as the competitors themselves.

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