Top relaxing resorts in the Maldives

Once in a while, all of us crave a break that’ll really let us get away from it all. It’s at these kinds of times when relaxing Maldives resorts really come into their own, since leisure, luxury and indulgence are all a given.

Now, it’s pretty hard to find a resort here that isn’t relaxing (how stressed can you get when lying on the beach in one of the world’s most gorgeous archipelagos?), but there are some that really excel. So, I’ve put together a list of a few of the very best places to go if you want to banish all your tension, forget about work and really unwind.

Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa

Where: Meemu Atoll

First up, the Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa is an absolute paradise. Come here and you get to stay in those idyllic-looking bungalows on stilts over the water – something that makes for a particularly romantic setting if you’re going away with your partner.

Perfect if you fancy feeling really close to nature, the accommodation here has glass panels with great views, as well as steps straight down from your bungalow into the water. Complete with a spa, amazing excursions (including dolphin safaris) and lots of water sports options, this is the ultimate in relaxing resorts. Plus, it’s all-inclusive, so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about the price of drinks or meals.

Coco Bodu Hithi

Where: North Male Atoll

No-one is ever likely to be disappointed by the beaches in the Maldives, but if you want to see them at their best, this is the place to come. Said to be the most beautiful in the country, the beaches here really do have to be seen to be believed, and the resort’s mix of contemporary accommodation and relaxing activities are the icing on the cake.

The yoga and spa pavilions are brilliant additions for anyone who’d like a little help unwinding, while the infinity swimming pool is a real bonus. One of the best things about coming here, though, is the fact there are lots of little ways to make your stay all the more special. For instance, you can book meals under the stars on the beach or dine in the over-the-water restaurant.


Constance Moofushi Resort

Where: South Ari Atoll

If you feel in need of a bit of TLC, this next resort is a pretty safe bet – especially if you’re into scuba diving. In fact, it has a reputation for being home to some of the top diving sites on the planet and incredibly scenic, large lagoons.

Even if you’re not into diving, this resort is still a real gem, offering things like a spa and complimentary use of the fitness centre. And, like the Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa, it’s all-inclusive. I always think all-inclusive is a good choice if you want to have as little stress as possible during your break and here you get some amazing treats thrown in, like pancakes and afternoon tea by the pool. Yum!

All the way..

Antanara Dhigu Resort & Spa

Where: South Male Atoll

Perched on an idyllic island (as you may have guessed!), the Antanara Dhigu Resort & Spa really stands out for its brilliant food. There are lots of cuisines to choose from, and you can do things like have private meals on the beach too. It’s also bound to appeal if you’re into wine, since its home to its very own wine cellar.

The accommodation here is gorgeous – you can choose between beach villas and over-the-water suites, which include things like an infinity edge bath tub for two. Depending on which way your villa faces, you can see the sunrise or sunset while having an indulgent dip.

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