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Top Three U.S. Destinations for Escaping the Big City Life

If you live in a bustling metropolitan area or frequently travel to big cities

, it might do you good to get away from the city life for a change and go to a place where the pace of life is a little slower. Doing so will allow you to enjoy a more peaceful state of mind for a while and may even help you reconnect to your inner self. Here are a few great places around the U.S. that offer great alternatives to being in a big city.


Known for its picturesque waterfront and 19th century-style homes, visiting this town in Michigan will make you feel as though you’re stepping into a postcard. The beautifully designed Waterfront Plaza is a great place to take a peaceful afternoon stroll. The iconic Second Street Bridge, which spans across the Kalamazoo River, is considered to be one of the town’s most important historical landmarks. You can also check out the Historical District, which features buildings dating back to the days of the Civil War. Many of the local inns and bed and breakfasts offer terrific deals on guestrooms.

Broken Bow

With a population of less than 5,000 residents, you won’t have to worry about fighting for space in this peaceful Oklahoma town. The weather is pleasant here throughout much of the year with the heaviest rainfall usually occurring in the spring and fall. The quaint downtown area epitomizes a classic all-American small town and is frequented by many of the friendly locals. You can even find wilderness areas around the town that feature spacious parklands, ideal campgrounds and plenty of Broken Bow cabins

that can be rented.


If you have a desire to visit the Last Frontier, you can find this charming city on Alaska’s Baranov Island. Given its southerly location within the state, you won’t have to deal with freezing cold temperatures throughout much of the year. While visiting here, you can check out local attractions such as the Sheldon Jackson Museum and the Alaska Raptor Center. Sitka is also adjacent to wilderness areas such Tongass National Forest and Swan Lake. Whale watching, hiking and kayaking are among the best activities to try during a stay.

If you’re ready to get away from the big city life for a while, visiting any of these towns will give you the perfect opportunity to escape. These small towns also feature a number of activities that can keep you entertained throughout your visit.

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