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Top Tips to Getting the Best Online Flight Deals

Regardless when you look to travel, there are times of the year that are the best to get the top flight deals.  Added to that are some top tips to get the best price for the flights you want all done from the comfort of your home – by booking online.

Online tricks


Many of us use the internet for a massive range of everyday jobs.  We research new appliances, check out the latest trends in fashion and choose the best bingo sites

, all via the internet.  Finding the best deals on flights can be done in much the same way – with a little research, clever use of social media and good timing based on all of this.

For starters, follow airline companies on Twitter.  Many airlines will make announcements on the social media site and if you are watching out, you can get that magic time when prices are at their lowest.  Have a list of destinations in mind to see where you can get the best deal and be prepared to change your plans if an unmissable deal comes up.

Alerts are another way to get that insider knowledge, whether from the airline companies or other websites that collect information.  Some websites offer alerts on fares, send email letters with the latest deals based on your home airport and the latest tips on when the best deals will be available.

All about timing


By signing up for alerts and following companies on Twitter or other social media sites, you soon learn about timing.  This is about more than just when to look for the best deals but also about when to travel.  For instance, it can be cheapest to fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or a Saturday while Friday and Sunday are the most expensive days because they are the most popular.  Flying early in the morning or red-eye flights can also see a substantial saving over lunch or dinner time options.

While January and February are said to be the best times of year to hunt for flights, don’t expect the same results every year.  Prices may be at their lowest at this time but they can vary from year to year.  Watch out for new routes being announced as a fresh option for your vacation or to see if this leads to a better deal on last year’s top destination that has now been replaced.

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