Top Tips for Living a Location Independent Lifestyle

Top Tips for Living a Location Independent Lifestyle

If you’ve decided you wish to make the transition to becoming a digital nomad – awesome – you’re one step closer to freedom and never having to sit in a rush hour traffic jam again. Whether you decide to set up an import/export business, open a store on Amazon, become a freelance photographer or simply set up a blog, there are lots of easy ways to make money

without having to step foot in an office. There are many of benefits to being location independent – the most important of which, is freedom. The freedom to work when you want, how you want. The freedom to go travelling or change location whenever you choose, while still bringing in regular income. However there are also some downsides to being a digital nomad, such as trying to stay motivated and not always having a steady income. To help you avoid these pitfalls, here are some great tips for becoming a digital nomad:

Manage your time wisely

If you’ve chosen to set up a base in Bali or somewhere exotic then you’ll probably want to spend some time at the beach. After all, what’s the point in living on a tropical island if you can’t actually enjoy the sunshine? You might as well be sitting in an office back in the UK. However, you’ll still have to do lots of work, so it’s all about managing your time well. Try to wake up at 6am, do a few hours work, then get yourself out of the house during the hours of say 11 till 2. After you’ve had some time to relax and enjoy the day, you’ll feel recharged and ready to do more work.

Top Tips for Living a Location Independent Lifestyle

Remember that people are in different time zones

Working from your base in Mexico City but dealing with clients in the USA and the UK? The time differences can be super confusing. If you’re in a time zone that’s behind the one you’re working with, you’ll often be playing catch up. To prevent this, always have time zones in mind and complete your work well before deadlines.

Use Travel Hacks

The beauty of being a digital nomad is being able to travel the world and live wherever you chose. Since you’ll be doing lots of travelling, it’s worth brushing up on travel hacks so you can get the best deal. Lots of digital nomads prefer to fly business class, since you get free Wi-Fi, a comfy bed and space to spread out your laptop and work. Flying business class doesn’t have to cost the Earth, since you can collect frequent flyer miles using credit cards to redeem for a business class ticket. Don’t have enough miles? You can also cheap business class flights

with a specialist agent who can get you exclusive, discounted fares.

Become a Healthier Person

If you love boozy nights out on the regular, you may want to cut back. Success comes with hard work, so if you’re suffering from a hangover you’re not going to be performing at your best. In order to stay focused, make sure you focus on becoming a healthier person

. Eat good foods, work out, and avoid the binge drinking.

Stop looking at what other people are doing

Finally, starting a new business venture online can be really exhausting. Sometimes you’ll fail and sometimes you’ll feel like things are going nowhere. But it really doesn’t help to follow people on Instagram and look at what they’re doing. Comparing yourself only makes you feel worse, so just do your own thing and keep going. You’ve got this!

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