Travel Planning for Noobies

If you have gone backpacking on a RTW trip or have extensive independent travel experience you can probably skip this post. Get-out-now!

For those beginner travelers or those to wimpy to go you will find this post worth reading. One of the more confusing aspects of travel is knowing how to prepare. I remember before my first trip to Ecuador that I went a bit overboard but at least my parents felt more secure. But in order to cover all bases something like a Good2Go travel checklist

would be worth writing up. What would be covered in a travel checklist?

  • Did you buy travel insurance? Or will your existing health insurance policy fly your dead corpse back to your home country? If not, consider travel insurance.
  • Vaccinations? Otherwise that cute stray dog might kill you from rabies.
  • Do you have the address for your embassy if you get caught in the middle of an Arab Spring?
  • Did you check the travel advisories? Not so that you can avoid going altogether but they do actually list specific dangers in specific areas of a country.
  • ATM Cards? Did you tell your bank you will be overseas? If not, you might just end up pulling tricks on the street for a bed.
  • Visa? It would suck to catch a red eye flight back home after being denied entry for not getting a visa in advance.

Those questions are just a sample of what you should be aware of. Any of those could ruin your trip. Be prepared instead. Create a to-do list. It’s not the end of the world and after a few overseas trips it will all seem like common sense. Happy travels Noob.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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