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In addition to photos and text I want to show you some raw video from my month long trip through Mexico during August and September 2011,

In one of the opening scenes you will see a distinctly developing country way of advertising. In Latin America pickup trucks will often drive around a city blasting a jingle for a local political campaign. You can see this happening while the men also try and pass out flyers from the moving truck.

The Mariachis in Mexico were fascinating so I filmed them whenever they appeared. I found them in Mexico City and Guanajuato which are also shown here.

Speaking of Guanajuato, you can see me riding through it's famous tunnels. There is seriously a huge system of roads built in tunnels. Its completely unique to this city.

Just as I wrote about in my intense Mexico City Walking Tour you can see the old people dancing in one of the parks. The moves are priceless. Refer to .36 in the video.

Also worth mentioning are the firework display that takes place in Oaxaca, an otherwise boring city.

Mexico City Backpacking

from Jason Batansky

on Vimeo


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Jason Bartoli

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