Travelling in the UK – Get Away from London

Travelling in the UK - Get Away from London

The United Kingdom is an interesting place to visit and travel around. However, most visitors tend to stick to urban areas, understandably as that is where the life and excitement is. It is very limiting, however, to restrict yourself to London. The city is undeniably a center of culture and attractions, but you are well advised to look around the rest of the country which has such a wide panoply of cities to visit it is hard to think of an interest that cannot be satisfied.

The next question is where to see. The great thing about the UK is places on this small island can vary wildly in attractions and experiences. One excellent example is the North West City of Manchester.

Manchester is an industrial town that has grown into a metropolitan city that caters to partiers, shoppers, and aesthetes alike. Art, bars, restaurants and shopping at the Arndale Centre are all within easy reach. The best thing about using a Youth Hostel as your base is, aside from the low price, how much they have adapted over the years. YHA hostels in Manchester like that in Potato Wharf are available from £13 a bed per night, and boast a bar and restaurant. You can also book a room from £36. If you are passing through or just there to experience something like Canal Street or the theaters, it makes sense to take advantage of a cheap base before you venture on with your journey. Even better, North West England has a lower cost of living than London and the South, so you can enjoy more of the city and it’s surroundings as your budget stretches further,

How about a trip down to the Isle of Wight? Every year it hosts one of the UK’s biggest music festivals. Aside from the beautiful walks and seaside resorts the sailing is amazing. On the south coast of Britain there are numerous expert sailing shops

that rent and sell all of the equipment you’ll need. The island is definitely worth a visit.

Travelling in the UK - Get Away from London

Being a moving tourist can become expensive, so it is important to plan ahead. Take a look at

for some cheaper transport options. I would strongly encourage visitors to check out youth hostels – not only are they inexpensive, they also provide great opportunities to meet fellow travelers  Visiting Manchester’s City Hall is probably going to be a lot more fun if you have a group of people to share it with. While a hostel may not be overly luxurious, they are an excellent (and affordable) place to lay your head, with varying facilities to suit your needs.

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