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Tropical Christmas Vacation Spots

Always wanted to make a snowman from sand? Then traveling to tropical places for Christmas is a fantastic way to do just that while soaking up some sunshine. Here is a list of 3 destinations for your perfect tropical Christmas vacation.


If your idea of a perfect Christmas vacation includes plenty of sun, beautiful sandy beaches, a unique cultural experience, and delicious local cuisines, then Thailand is definitely calling. The country has a warm climate full of gorgeous islands, picture-postcard beaches, Buddhist temples you can explore, diverse wildlife, and the list goes on.

The promise of the fun and sun will take away your winter blues. What’s more, the bonus of going to Thailand over this year’s Christmas holiday is that it syncs up with the 2018 Miss Universe Pageant. A country full of gorgeous people will have even more beauties walking around as the participants battle it out for the title of “Miss Universe” on December 16th. If you want to attend an event unlike any other, this is your chance!


In the nation Down Under, the Christmas holiday falls in the first month of summer. Temperatures during this time of year are 80 degrees and above. So, while you’ll probably be digging your car out from the heavy snow, Australians will be making merry and enjoying mouth-watering cookouts at the beach under blue skies. Why not join them this time around? You can swap reindeers with kangaroos, and the cold winter days and nights with the sun and sand. You can even choose to spend your Christmas day diving alongside colorful exotic fish at the Great Barrier Reef. And instead of building the usual snowman at Christmas, make it exceptional and build a sandman instead.

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The month of December falls in the dry season in Kampuchea. The endless days of blue and sunny skies with comfortable temperatures are just what you need for exploring epic sites in the country including Angkor Wat famous because of Tomb Raider. You can also go cycling in Phnom Penh. At the heart of the “GoldenLand” is a thread of white coastline, ancient cities, urban hubs, straw hut villages, and emerald jungles filled with elephant trails-what a fun way to spend your Christmas vacation exploring all these. In addition, the people of Khmer will make your experience absolutely unforgettable; they’re extremely warm and hospitable, despite the country’s dark past.


Enjoy a balmy and tropical Christmas on the island of Kauai. There are plenty of fun events planned for the Christmas holiday including the Christmas hula concerts, the Festival of lights, and a lighted Christmas parade. The month of December falls under the whale watching season. You’ll get to see the phenomenal humpback whales migrate to the warm waters of the island to mate as well as give birth to their calves. The island gets incredible surf in winter-making it the dream spot for surfing enthusiasts. Make your Christmas unforgettable by going surfing. Of course, you’ll also enjoy walking along the golden sandy beaches or viewing the mesmerizing waterfalls in Kauai.

Jason Bucowski