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Ukranian Food

I am pathetic. I have been in a foreign country, Ukraine

, for three days now. have eaten in three restaurants: a regular local restaurant, McDonalds, and Puzata Hata.

But even though I might sound like a terrible traveler let me explain. Puzata Hata is amazing. That is why.

It’s a cafeteria style fast food restaurant serving good priced and quality food. The meals available are mostly indigenous to Ukraine and its surrounding countries so over the past three days I have tried many of the country’s native dishes. Now if that’s not cultured, what is? Kidding.

Puzata Hata is the best fit because I can purchase all of the food without speaking one word. It’s laid out in from of my eyes and with effortless pointing I see exactly what I get, which is more or less necessary when I speak no more than 5 words in Russian.

Finally as a solo traveler its intimidating to eat alone. But I have never seen a restaurant where more than half of the patrons eating there do so alone, except for Puzata Hata.

Sample Meal: Dark beer, soup, and salmon for Us$4.50

Another Meal

Ukranian Food to Try:

I have since learned of some typical, can’t miss Ukranian cuisine.

Ukraine also has some decent beer. They are Obolon, Lvivske, Chernihivske, Slavutych, Sarmat and Rogan.

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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