The Ultimate Caribbean Vacation

The Ultimate Caribbean Vacation


We love our luxury Caribbean vacations

. Maybe we plan and save for them for long lengths of time. The real question is: why the Caribbean? What is it that keeps drawing us there compared to other areas of the world?

1) Beaches

This is the biggie. The Caribbean is where you get all the nice white sand beaches. It’s hard to find in the rest of the world the quality of sand that is pretty much de rigeur in the Caribbean region. You go to Europe for the architecture, but definitely not for the beaches, the best of them being very coarse sand and most of them actually being straight up rocks.

2) Proximity

Assuming you live in North America, where this article is being written, you are almost never more than a 3 hour flight from your top Caribbean destinations. The shortest trans atlantic flight, however, is at least 7 hours and change, and forget about Asian destinations. If you have a week off for some fun in the sun, an Asian destination would mean that you’d spend literally half of your precious vacation time in transit. Who wants to do that?


3) Quality Of Service

There’s no question, in the Caribbean, they know how to do tourism right. They know how to cater to you as a customer. How annoying can it be to get to some tourist destination in some other part of the world and pay top dollar for the best accomodations, for example, and find that they are just not up to standard in one way or another? One tourist destination I know of, for example, has some weird quirks. Even in 5 star hotels, they are often lacking things like small wash cloths for the shower! Things of this nature will never be a problem in the Caribbean.

4) Scalability

The Caribbean is a very flexible destination, you can choose to do it on a real tight budget and still have a good time, or you can go all out, rent a luxury villa with a bunch of people, and really do it in style. It has something for every price point. Other destinations are often not so flexible.


5) Value For Your Money

Corollary to points number 3 and number 4, in the Caribbean, whether you decide to spend very little money, or spend tons of it, you will get what you pay for and more.  There is plenty of cheap food and activities to be had, but also something for the most high-end tastes. And you will never leave thinking you got a raw deal, which is also a frequent complaint for people in other regions of this great planet.

So there in our humble editiorial opinion is why the Caribbean is and will continue to be popular over other destinations for people in many parts of the world. It just has too much going for it. Come check it out today!

Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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