Using the Internet Abroad

Using the Internet Abroad

Going on vacation is all about a change of scene, perhaps enjoying some relaxing beach time or checking out the sights of a new place.  Whatever flavour holiday you enjoy, the idea is to get away from it all.  But in this modern, connected world, many of us still like to access the internet so what are the tips for using the internet abroad?

Roaming charges

While spending the whole time on holiday on the internet might not make you a popular person with your travelling companions, checking social media now and again is often acceptable.  Checking in with the kids or family is another good idea.  Even using the internet for a little quiet time such as choosing online bingo

 can be ideal between beach sessions or while waiting for a venue to open.

Whatever you want to do on the internet while on holiday, the thing to understand are roaming charges.  This is the term used by cell phone companies to describe the use of your phone when you are abroad.  Currently, roaming charges can be quite costly but your provider should be able to tell you what they are beforehand so you can use the internet and know what it will cost you.  Changes are on the way that may see these costs dramatically reduced.

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Wi-Fi security

Some countries have what are known as Wi-Fi hotspots, where you can access the internet either free or for a set charge.  This means you don’t incur the roaming charges from using your cell phone or tablet.  But there are a few points to remember when using a Wi-Fi hotspot.

First up is security – they are unlikely to have the same level of security that your home network has.  This means if you send sensitive data such as credit card numbers over this connection, there is a chance they may be picked up by unscrupulous people and used for fraud.  Even sending confidence information such as your home address and phone number might not be the best idea for the same reason.

Speed of connection on these hotspots is also usually less than through a home network or a cell phone provider.  This means if you are playing that game of bingo or talking to your kids at home, you may notice that the connection is slower and could break up more than you are used to.  And these hotspots tend to be in built-up areas so if you are staying somewhere remote, there may not be any coverage anyway.

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