Video Post: Shots of Colombia

Watch this mix of video clips for some brief insight into Colombia.

  • .00: Bucaramanga Transportation – It’s almost like a subway system just with buses. The buses have their own lanes.
  • .01: My Apartment in Medellin – It has rained every single day I have been here because of El Nino. It tends to rain around 2-4PM and can last the rest of the day.
  • .04: Downtown Bucaramanga – This was filmed on a pedestrian only street with people starting to shop for Christmas
  • .20: The Plaza in Don Matias – This is a tiny town close to Medellin. It’s the type where horses are mixed with cars and centered around a church.
  • .27: Downtown Medellin – This is in a plaza with Botero statues and museums. Seen walking are some local Hare Krishnas.
Jason Bartoli
Jason Bartoli

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